Ham Jung-A & Yankees (& Her Yun Jung)

2CD (70s,re.2003)

SooDoo RecHam Jung-A & Yankies : Golden Best (KO,comp.2003)***°/**°°
chosen for airplay : CD1,tr.6,(7,8), 10,(12,13) ; (CD2, tr.1,5,7,(8),14)

I am not sure if this is the complete works of The Yankees, but it is very much possible with 17 (CD1) and 19 (CD2) tracks. I know very little about this band. I only know that the style ranges a bit in style. Basically they are a pop/rock band that on one hand has a small influence of funk and a tendency to a kitschier way of arranging and singing, especially in some of the early tracks, there are definitely also some more psychedelic tracks, almost too clear from a Shin Jung-Hyun influence. Most often the band is somewhat in between.
At its worst, although this is still enjoyable/acceptible for me in each moment, we hear very simple, almost bar-tender-accompanying-drums and bass, kitschy synthesisers and karaoke singing with at moments some heavy vibration in the voice, mixed with trumpet and brass arrangements and just here and there a touch of strings. At its best we hear good psych-rockers with organ, and interesting electric guitar. The pop/rock tracks in between have female backing vocalists, funky elements on bass here and there. I think often in such songs there is a Korean song influence. I will airplay the highlights of the compilation, like a couple of rockers in Shin Jung Hyun style, an interpretation of “Summertime” with seagulls and sea shore sounds in the background, a fine electric guitar led theme and a female singer this time who sings a few words in Korean, but mostly in English. But I also chose some funkier pop/rock track.

Ebay Description of Yankees LP : "Here's a real funky album by The Yankees. Some dope heavy funk grooves, psychedelic tunes, and dramatic samples. Great breaks on this as well. There's a few cover versions on this album including Tommy Roe's "Dizzy" and Silver Convention's "Fly Robin Fly"."

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