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" In the history of korean rock music, or even in that of popular music, who can be considered as 'Psychedelic' artists?

Many say this about 'San Ul Rim' who released their first album in 1977. On their early albums between 1977-1979(1st~3rd),we can surely recognize the Psychedelic sounds especially in the long songs like"A-Ni Beol-Seo (It's already!)","A-Ma Neut-Eun Yo-Reum-I-Eot-Eul-Ggeo-Ya (Maybe it was a late summer),"Nae Ma-Eum-E Joo-Dan-Eul Ggal-go (The carpet on my mind), Geu-Dae-Neun I-Mi Na(You are already me).  

Like many people said already of the San Ul Rim, they seem to be "fallen from the sky". They had no great relations to the general genealogy of Korean rock music. But in the early days of so-called "Group sound Era", there existed some substances that we could call "Psychedelic".
An example. Shin Joong-Hyun had released some albums which subtitled as "Psychedelic sound" and -no matter what they were titled officially-had shown psychedelic sound.

So, Korean psychedelic scene had Shin Joong-Hyun, who had a so called Korean Rock god-father family tree like the San Ul Rim family and Key boys family, Key brothers (Kim Hong-Tak and Yoon Hang-Gi). 

There are also a number of great psychedelic bands in Early 80's in Korea.  These bands are Little Giant, Magma, Mu-Dang.  Especially you can hear strong fuzz guitar sounds in Little Giant's second album and the only Magma album.  I think that Mu-Dang is a Koreanized rock music.

Within the Korean folk scene, it's good to check out the records from  Kim Doo Soo, Han Dae-Soo, Yang Hee-Eun.
Han Dae Soo is a called the Korean Bob Dylan, I think that his first and second album is a great folk music. Kim Doo Soo is a great Korean acid folk artist and his all records (1st~4th) are best Korean acid folk music, this acid folk means to only mental meaning and no marijuana!!
Yang Hee-Eun is a called the Korean Joan Baez, especially her second album is a lovely female voice and pastoral folk music with a little Jazz approach.  I personally think that the record is a best of best korean female folk music in 1970th Korea."
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"Korean psychedelic rock and folk encyclopedia"

This list contains only collector's Items of about one hundred records (with a basis on musicality and rarity), devided in 9 sections. With Psychedelic Rock : the Shin Joong Hyun tree, the Key Boys tree, the Sunulim tree and the others, and Korean folk music sections are Kim Min-Gi tree, Singer song writers, Lee Jeong-Sun family, big folk musician three in 1980th and the others.

The Encyclopedia started with the listing of Shin Joong-Hyun
Also managed was a page about Key Boys and Sanulim.
Further we managed to prepare a page on He5/He6. All other, later pages were added without the original cooperation.

For several reasons the encyclopedia was never finished as intended. The radio show listings made it also hopesly chaotic with random admissions, trying to complete the picture by personal research. Just recently I dediced to categorise the found items a bit. Hopefully some people will help and provide the relevant info to complete the encyclopedia as it was originally intended.

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