overview by Folkie Jin ; CD (LP 1963,re.2007)/CD (LP 1963,re.2011)

PonycanyonAdd4 : First Album (KO,1963,re.2007)***°/**°°
airplayed : Tr.8, "Burning and (?) my inside" min
Tr.12, "Lonesome Saturday night" 5 min
Tr.13, "Seashore" 3 min 11 -43

This is a really interesting and enjoyable album from early Korean rock, under the influence of rock’n roll, late twist area, at times the pre-Beatles area mostly some tracks more in the crooner/pop song music area. The guitars are attractive and calm, the percussion is interesting as well. They play a bit like a soft rock band with a primitive honesty like in garage rock, but in a more subtle way and also a more sophisticated way of performance, more like a TV show band, while in fact with a more wild, honest and creative side. Some tracks have nice harmony backing vocals, with some small parts of well fitting backing orchestration, and occasional instruments like twist’n roll sax or piano arrangements. The more song/chanson tracks are mostly sung by a female voice. A very enjoyable, rewarding release.

Official reissued release supported by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

From http://www.koreapopwars.com/2007/12/add-four-your-music-collection.html

Mark Russel : “The songs are quite interesting. Not nearly as "psychedelic" as the Shin Joong-hyun's post-Pearl Sisters stuff. Must more of a pre-Beatles sound (as you would expect in a record coming out in the early 1960s). Most interesting to me, though, is how many of the songs on this album would turn up later. Including the huge hit of 1968, “One Cup Of Coffee” ("Keopi Hanjan"), although on this album it bears the name “Naesogeul Taeneun Gureyo”. “Badatga” also turned up on a Key Boys album, and Seo Yun-seok would sing “Soya Eoseo Gaja”. Anyhow, it is a piece of history and well worth picking up.

From http://asianbeat.com/en/feature/ab_feature_30.html :

"The drummer in ADD4 was Choi Yon Pil, who went on to become a famous singer in Japan."

Review on http://shamethreshold.blogspot.com/2008/12/korean-psych-rock-week.html :

The Album- The Add 4' First Album (or sometimes referred to as The Woman in Rain-The Add 4' First Album).  The record, which was released in 1963 or 64 depending on where you get your information is very similar in sound to American Surf and Beat music from that era.  The Add 4 enlisted the instrumental sound of bands like say, The Ventures, The Surfari's, the Trashmen, and Dick Dale and the Deltones, but managed to lay down some swinging vocals and very catchy (despite my not being able to understand them) vocals.  In fact, as I write this review it is occurring to me that this album is not so much psych rock as it is proto-psych rock, in this case manifested as Surf Rock.  For fans of the aforementioned bands, Link Wray and the Wraymen, the Chantays, and early Duane Eddy I would highly recommend this album.

The album manages to stray away from strictly fitting into the surf rock genre, thus avoiding being labeled as a simple, derivative record. The album incorporates both violin and flute(which would be a major instrument in later Shin Jung Hyun manifestations) as well as organ tunes into it's repatoire.  As far as song length goes, the album really runs the gamut, with catchy 2 minute surf ditties to 12 and half minute long psychedelic surf odysseys (This particular song adding the only accompaniment by a female vocalist on the album).  The album straddles the distance between traditional surf music and regional psych/beat music (think Cambodian Psychout! or Cambodia Rocks).  A must have for fans of surf, asian beat, and proto psych rock.

Audio : http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/...
& http://www.sjhmvd.com/vod/show.asp?idx=10&category1=m&category2=

Vaguely translated from Korean source : "ADD4 refers to the chord.The association with the "Fab 4" might sound obvious, but we should not forget the band was established in 1962, before the Fab4 were known. The band Key Boys used a comparable reference to complete the associations."

First page on Shin Jung Hyun here
1964 AddFour  Add 4 First album :

Folkie Jin : ADD4 Members are : Bass: Han young hyun ;  Guitar: Shin jung-hyun ;  vocal: Seo jung-gil  ; drums: Kwan sun-kwan. It's his first group and Korean first rock group record!!  Mostly songs are a little garage songs and especially Shin's guitar sounds are multi styled (even though he played also a Jazz and blues and Latin style approach). The reason is that he had to play at the USA army.  Some songs have female chorus as he play a Package show with women dancers at these days. This record normal price is a over 500$

Korean review : http://www.weiv.co.kr/review_view.asp?code=album&num=1691
audio : track 2, track 7 ; review of 2 reissues further down !!
ShinJungHyeon 1966  : Instrumental Replay vol.1 

Folkie Jin : "This is his first instrumental record. He has many instrumental records. The record company released many of his instrumental records without his agreement.
All songs are Ventures styled instrumental songs, as you know ventures are very popular instrumental group in 1960's worldwide.  mostly Guitar sounds lead songs and  sprightly rhythmical songs. This record normal price is a over 350$"

Korean review : http://www.weiv.co.kr/... & on http://blog.daum.net/rpm33and1per3/7
audio : Track 1. "The Boy In The Yellow Shirt"  ; track 6."Broken Promises

Korean info http://themen.musicchain.net/... ; Another vol.1 edition : http://www.maniadb.com/...

PonycanyonThe Add4 : The Woman in the Rain (SK,1963,re.2011)**°?

I don’t know who did these reissues but this person did some effort in the package but much less in the recording. The person should be a shamed of him/herself delivering a reissue directly recorded from an LP with a turntable that isn’t even well grounded with its electric tension. The same effect is on this LP as well. The music is a bit louder so it is on the edge of being somewhat acceptable. Go for the previous, official reissue and forget this one.

This is a new reissue. First reissue : http://www.psychemusic.org/KOREAradioshow.html#anchor_208
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